Free science kits! Respond fast!

Jerrod here again from Discovery Building on UW-Madison campus contacting you about the mobile STEM “Science in a Bag” kits that we’re repeating for this year’s Wisconsin Science Festival (Oct 16-22).

Space is limited so the sooner you register the better! Each library system will have at least 3 libraries that will make the cut to receive bags. For libraries that don’t recieve kits, we will follow up with links to the activities they could then conduct activities themselves.

This year’s kits will include:

  • Wonders of Physics: In this activity you will be observing the broad spectrum of light depending on its source. This experiment will take place inside your home and will help showcase how different light sources interact with each other.
  • Color Changing Pencils: In this activity you will be given a pencil and your goal will be to use the scientific method to experiment and find what variables cause the pencil to change.
  • DNA Tubes: In this activity you will run a test using water to decide whether the object you have is a string or DNA. While running this experiment, you will take detailed notes observing different properties of your item which will reveal the specific characteristics of DNA.
  • Alliant Energy “The Power Chronicles”: In this activity you will be reading a graphic novel STEM adventure series that will lead you on a journey of a kid named Akilah discovering the power of science and curiosity.
  • Bioblitz with the WI Science Festival!: In this activity you will be observing and documenting living things around you through scientific observations. Through these scientific observations you will create an in-depth fascinating journal that will include a detailed sketch, a vivid description, the time, and the location of your fascinating discoveries.

Sun in your eyes?

DPI Is sponsoring a Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries Workshop at LEPMPL Public Library in Eau Claire on September 19.

This workshop will be led by the Wisconsin DPI Space Science Institute’s STARNET team. Only two workshops will be held and LEPMPL is one of the locations! Way closer than anything else in the solar system!  All previous link problems have been solved, and here’s how to register.

New feature on the MORE app!

App users now have the option to view and use additional library accounts in their MORE Libraries app. See all the details in this weeks TWAM, a weekly email sent out by my colleague Lori Roholt.

Here’s a new BadgerLink intro video

If you’ve ever struggled to explain just what BadgerLink is, or simply need a concise and ready-to-use promotional piece, check out the video. You’re free to share, post, or embed on your website.

Wait! There’re more BadgerLink goodies!

Are you interested in having personalized BadgerLink training at your library? Jen Champoux, BadgerLink Outreach and Training Specialist, is available for trainings for specific public libraries or entire systems. You can contact Jen by filling out this training request form:  Good news!  Jen Champoux will also be one of the speakers for the 2023 Wisconsin Libraries Tech Days.  You can see the whole line-up on the Tech Days website.


Trustees, friends and foundations: invitation to learn

The Wisconsin State Library has purchased statewide registration for the United for Libraries Virtual event, Aug 1-3! All library workers, board members, Friends of the Library and Foundation representatives attend FREE – a value of $139 per person. Short notice, but recording will be available.

This interactive three-day virtual event will feature expert speakers on current topics facing library Trustees, Friends, Foundations, and staff who work with them.

  • Participate in live Q&A sessions with presenters.
  • Network with colleagues across the country.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to keynote speakers and authors.
  • View on-demand sessions for one year after the live event.
  • Receive a certificate of attendance (for live participation or on-demand viewing).

What to expect

  • See list of sessions here.
  • Zoom room opens at 9:30 am CST daily with programming from 10:00 am-3:00 pm CST daily (includes scheduled breaks).
  • Attend live sessions and access recordings for up to a year.
  • Participate anywhere from your device on Zoom.
  • You can coordinate a viewing event at your library!

How to Attend the Virtual Conference, individual registration

Already registered for Wisconsin statewide access?

Click here to be automatically registered for the virtual conference. (The link will take you to the ALA login page, where you can log in to be registered. If this does not work, you probably need to register for statewide access. Just choose one of the steps in the next bullet point!)

Not registered for statewide access yet?

Choose one of the following options:

  • Click here to register for statewide access. We’ll also register you for the virtual conference.
  • Click here to register for the virtual conference. We’ll also register you for statewide access.
  • Email with your full name, library, and primary role on behalf of your library. We’ll register you for both the virtual conference and statewide access.

Attention library directors, board chairs, Friends presidents, Foundation board presidents: set up group registration

You may send a list of your board members, including their names, email addresses, library, and primary role, to Staff will create logins for each person, enroll them in the statewide course and 2023 United for Libraries Virtual, and send each person their login credentials.

The process is a little putzy. Your intrepid editor gave it a try. I used the second option under the “not registered yet” list. I got an email with a personalized sign-up code, which sent me to the United for Libraries page where I had to create a login. Then I used the personalized code to sign up. Especially if you have tech-challenged board, friends and foundation members I’d suggest you go for the bulk sign-up option. Leah and Reb would love to know if anybody took advantage of this opportunity. 

New on the website

New! Marketing Tea starting Tuesday, August 15

Reb’s gotten some interest in a monthly live session. This will be a half hour featuring a demo and a question. If you’ve got something you’re proud of, please bring it to share! (Don’t worry, I’ve got the zoom room for a whole hour if there are a lot of questions.) Bring your mug and your thinking cap and I’ll spill the marketing tea. First session is August 15 at 10:00. First demo: what you can learn from your MailChimp stats. First question: is up to you! Send your pressing question to Reb at RSVP on the IFLS calendar.

Coming up on the IFLS calendar

Staff passports can be stamped until August 31!

Sent your stamp back? You can initial them.

Have fun out there!